RONA Advance Technologies is your trusted partner to help your industry select the most innovative and practical energy efficient solutions. We are leading the LED lighting revolution in Sri Lanka offering energy-efficient solutions to government, industries and residences along with highly reliable energy management tools. Energy waste is only taxing the nation’s energy production, but more critically impacting the production outlays of our industries. Therefore, our challenge is to replace energy-wasting obsolete lighting technologies and introduce energy measurement in Sri Lanka.

Our primary energy solution approaches are diverse and purposeful:

  • Manufacturing a wide range of LED lighting in Sri Lanka to bring down cost.
  • Marketing SATEC Powermeters for energy management.
  • Installation of LED lighting on streets, at industries and government facilities.
  • Recycling obsolete CFL and Fluorescent bulbs to help the environment.

Soon we will be taking a step further by expanding our production capacity by establishing the largest LED luminaire manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka to reach global markets.


RONA Advance Technologies manufacture a wide range of LED luminaires from residential bulbs to street lamps and electrical components under the trademarks RONALED and RONA respectively for industry and residential purpose. The uniqueness of our products is that our manufacturing has the flexibility to design and install customized LED lighting solutions.

Exponentially evolving innovations in LED lighting technology today means more energy efficiency. They are continuously incorporated in our trademark RONALED bulbs offering better lighting choices for our clients over other traditional lighting options. Overtime, lighting using RONALEDs reduces the electric bills and helps protect our environment from mercury discharge from fluorescent bulbs. There is also the maintenance cost saving because the RONALEDs do not have to be replaced as often resulting in more saving to them instead of investing in CFL and Fluorescent bulbs.

The ZERO-Capital Investment program for LED Retrofit is now available to Industries from Softlogic Finance PLC

RONALED now offers its technological advantage to Industries by retrofitting all their lighting with customized energy solution in partnership with Softlogic Finance PLC. To find out more contact us for details on how the Zero Capital Investment works,

Our Strategic Alliances

We are supported by CREE India Ltd and Arrow Electronics India Pvt. Ltd

We represent SATEC Inc. as their agent in Sri Lanka, a global leader in the research, development and manufacturing of energy management solutions. SATEC advanced power quality capabilities enable energy utilities to take timely corrective action and help energy consumers to prevent equipment failures. All SATEC devices comply with world-acknowledged regulations and are supported by our energy management software. Contact us for best in class power meters to high performance grid meters with advanced power quality capabilities.

CREE India Ltd., and Arrow Electronics India Pvt. Ltd

Our strongest asset is the strategic alliances that we have built with CREE India Ltd., and Arrow Electronics India Pvt. Ltd., subsidiaries of CREE Inc. of USA, the global market-leading innovator of lighting-class LED components. We are pleased to have CREE LEDs the foremost reliable manufacturer of LEDs as our primary source of the best quality LED components for all our luminaires.

RONA Advance Technologies signs MOU with Carbon Futures (HK)

We have been appointed by Carbon Futures as their Consultants in Sri Lanka to promote the reduction of carbon emissions to all levels of government and private corporations under the UNFCCC Non-Annex I Parties. Our first anticipated project involves illuminating the streets in the Colombo Municipality with intelligent LED lights that last longer. Also, our partnership agreement allows RONA to manufacture these LED lights in Sri Lanka under license making RONA-Carbon Futures venture the first in Sri Lanka aimed at driving Sri Lanka to the path of carbon neutrality in the long-run.